Vendors Approval Process

All vendor applicants are subject to review. We reserve the right to select the vendors that will be the most appropriate for our event and we strive to avoid duplication of vendors. If for some reason we are unable to accept your will be contacted and your money refunded. Applications will be accepted until Saturday, Oct. 22nd, 2016. Application Fee must accompany application but will be waived if the space is paid in full at the time of application. If your application is not approved all monies will be returned immediately.

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Vendors Booth Placement

Booth assignments are given on a first come, first serve basis. Vendors that submitted their application and deposit at the end of the 2015 festival will be given first right of refusal on booth location. See what returning vendors have to say about BEING a VENDOR at the GATHERING. The Event Coordinator will try to accommodate requests, however booth location is not guaranteed at any time. Gathering General Layout of Festival Field We have established the overall layout of the Festival Grounds to separate the more modern elements of the the food court, the Kidz Zone and the area for major sponsors and other more modern vendors are to the right as you enter the Main Gate. To the left of the main gate we are creating four "Pirate Ports of Call/Regional Marketplaces" themed according to 4 legendary hotbeds of Pirate activity over the centuries. 2016-08-01 18-04-46 Each Regional Marketplace/Port will be a cluster of from 20-30 vendors who fit within the theme of that PARTICULAR region. There will be a FULL Liquor Bar in each Marketplace/Port in addition to one or two Food Trucks specializing in Food matching that THEMED Area of the World.

Vendors Booth Installation

Exhibitors must provide and set-up their own tents, tables, chairs or any other items needed to do business at the event. Costs paid to the ACP are for the use of tent space only. Vendors should be prepared for the possibility of rain and be sure they are equipped with a rain plan which includes securing their tent with weighted ropes and or tent stakes. Booth installation times are from 9AM-6PM on Thursday, November 3th and from 9AM-11:30AM on Friday November 4th. All booths should be open and operational by the opening time of the market on Friday, November 4th at 1PM. All vehicles must be out of the grounds by 12 NOON. All booths should be open and operational by the opening time of the market on Saturday, November 5th at 10AM and Sunday, November 6th at 10AM. Exhibitors must install, manage, and conduct their exhibits only in the space allotted to them and in a neat and orderly manner. Signs and materials must not encroach upon or limit the line of sight on neighboring vendors and in such a way as not to be a menace or nuisance to neighboring vendors. *Please note: the festival grounds will remain open after gates close to the public for Mainstage acts until after 11pm. Vendors wishing to stay open until this time may do so at their own discretion.