Vendor Testimonials

See what some of our prominent returning vendors have to say about the St. Augustine Pirate Gathering... 


The Pirate Store - "This thing is gonna be amazing. It really IS going to be bigger, better, badder and bolder than ever before. The things that have changed are really for the better. The Encampment should bring back many serious pirates from prior years. The Gathering is always "THE" Event of the year!! We cant wait for it...we always enjoy the great people and vendors... AND as one of the CAPTAIN LEVEL SPONSORS, it is obvious that I fully support it...I am ALL IN. 

I cant wait to see everyone again this year!!! Huzzah!!!" Capt. Blackshark of The Pirate Store!!!!

Dredmor's Plunder - "Having been a vendor at Pirate Festivals and Renaissance Fairs all over the Southeast for years; I am excited about the new plans for the St Augustine Pirate Gathering. The bigger location sounds like it will allow us to expand what we bring if we want to and the way they have designed the layout to drive the flow to the vendors makes me confident that sales could be better than ever." - Dred and Rachel

Jim Laird Blackbeard - "I know a lot of us have been wondering what kind of Festival The St. Augustine Pirate Gathering will be. Some of us were under the impression it is a just Drunken Party gathering and considered not going. After talking to Doug Kosarek...Piratelife is in 100% in. What he told me sounds like a lot of fun and structured to be able to really sell our wares. When we do Festivals there are two main things I want, sell wares and put on a good show. I know with Doug's Marketing back ground it will be a sucess and Piratelife will help any way we can to make this a great Festival. So come see Crazy Saddie and me @ the Pirate gathering and have a Rum. so set ye Compass and we see ya @ the Gathering"