Vendor Application

Please complete this Questionnaire so that we can accommodate your needs as a merchant and provide you with the available tools to make your experience at the 2016 St. Augustine Pirate Gathering a profitable one. This year’s festival is planned to be BIGGER, BETTER, BADDER and BOLDER than ever before. We have planned the layout of the site, the food, the bars, the entertainment, the encampment and the Kidz Zone all with one thing in mind…moving the attendee traffic around and through your business.

We have simplified the 2016 Pirate Gathering Vendor Merchant Rules (available for you to read in advance), which will be transmitted to you as soon as you finish your application by picking your booth space, electrical hookup and either submitting an application fee to reserve a place OR going ahead and making full payment in our shopping cart.

Vendor Application
Please give us a contact number for any questions or issues.
Electricity is an additional cost and must be added separately when purchasing your space.
Examples might be decorations, specific goods, etc. We might be willing to consider extra space if it will enhance the theme of the Pirate Marketplace

Thank YOU in advance for your interest in participating in this bold new festival plan…
We look forward to having a FUN and PROFITABLE Gathering with you.