Pirate Port Regional Marketplaces

One of the aspects of the 2016 St. Augustine Pirate Gathering that we are most excited about is the way we are clustering our vendors into Pirate Ports/Regional Marketplaces. Each cluster will follow a theme that reflects the goods, the food, the booze, the beer of a specific part of the world that has historically been a stronghold for Pirates. Different Parts of the World. Different Places in Time. Click Here for Historic Ports of Pirates.

Gathering General

Each cluster will have unique food trucks that serve the specialty dishes of that geography. 

Each cluster will have it's own Pub...specially decorated for that Port and stocked with some special drinks that reflect that part of the world. With 5 total Bars, we will have a nightly Pub Crawl.

Each cluster will have special entertainment to set the mood for that Port.

Each cluster will have an Anchor Vendor that has a style and goods befitting that Regional Marketplace. The other vendors within that cluster will be encouraged to decorate their booths to fit and give the visual impression of that Pirate Port...and the best decorated will be recognized.

British Isles

New Orleans

Caribbean Islands

East Asia Pacific

Anchor Vendor: Still Available

Food Truck: Fish & Chips

Food Truck: Scotch Eggs, MeatPies & Haggis

Entertainment: Bagpipes, Pub Sings, Sea Shanties

Drink Special at the Pub: Kraven's MoreGROG made with one part Code Rum Spiced, one part Code Rum Key Lime and filled with Ginger Ale.

Vendors: Kilts, Clothing, Weapons, Chainmaile, Mugs and Tankards (Apply as Vendor)

Anchor Vendor: The Pirate Store, which is a CAPTAIN LEVEL SPONSOR

Food Truck: Voodoo Cajun

Food Truck: Crepes

Entertainment: Live Bluesman, Pub Sings

Drink Special at the Pub: Surprise Drink from NOLA

Vendors: Custom Clothing, Headgear, Weapons, Leather, Feathers  (Apply as Vendor)

Anchor Vendor: Dredmor's Plunder

Food Truck: Cuban

Food Truck: Jamaican

Entertainment: Live Steel Drums, Pub Sings

Drink Special at the Pub: The Perfect Storm made with two parts Code Rum Spiced filled with Ginger Beer.

Vendors: Leathers, Clothing, Hot Peppers, Tropical Accessories  (Apply as Vendor)

Anchor Vendor: Tiger Lee Pirate Fashions

Food Truck: Philippine Chicken Satay on a Stick

Food Truck: Asian Bowl

Entertainment: Live Sitar

Drink Special at the Pub: Shanghai Smash made with secret ingredients...why do you think Shanghai is legendary for pressganging sailors into service?

Vendors: Jewelry, Silks, Fine Fabrics, Spices, Belly Dancers, Weapons  (Apply as Vendor)