We are really excited about our NEW VENUE...

It is truly BIGGER, BETTER, BADDER and BOLDER than before!

Our new location is conveniently located at the crossroads of I-95 and Route 207 inside the St. Johns Marketplace. From a Pirate's perspective, it is like sitting in a cove right next to the shipping lanes waiting for a heavily laden Galleon to lumber by on it's way back to Spain. It is easy for ANYONE to find and has quick access to the Interstate.

It is isolated back in a wooded area secluded from everything by thick stands of timber, yet when we did a search for nearby accommodations in hotels from this address we received 59 Hotels and B&B's within a 7 mile radius...many of which were under $100 per night.

Not only is it true what they say about Location, Location, Location...but it's also true that SIZE MATTERS. This site is SO much bigger that it gives us the opportunity to bring back our Pirate Period Encampment and Living History display called Canvas Cove. It was always a fan favorite but had to be discontinued last year when city ordinances about camping in the city limits got in the way of the Living History display!

NOW IT IS BACK and it is BIGGER than ever...bigger than a football field set aside for our primitive re-enactment camping. Plenty of room for lots of tents...for sword fighting and black powder demonstrations. Living by lantern under canvas and under the stars. Cooking over campfires like living in the 1700-1800's.

The bigger venue also allowed us to expand to the largest Kidz Zone we have ever offered...it is HUGE and offers several rides build for the BIG KIDS in the crowd and those who will never grow up no matter how old. The Zip Line sounds like it will be fantastic...along with the climbing wall and the mechanical shark (like a mechanical bull, but for Pirates to ride). There will also be pony rides, a petting zoo, a ferris wheel and a BUNCH of BIG INFLATABLES that have a $5 wristband for unlimited rides.

The new venue solves one of the biggest headaches of past Gatherings...PARKING! If you have spent any time in downtown St. Augustine lately, you know that the parking problem has gotten worse. The downtown parking garage becomes FULL during events forcing drivers to cruise the streets looking for available spaces or cramped back alley lots sometimes feeding hungry parking meters. With our HUGE NEW VENUE and it's ample ONSITE parking...we can park everyone close to the festivities for only $10 per carload and can accommodate twice as many cars as before.

We are lucky to have a professionally managed, full service RV Campground facility directly across from the parking lots that will be allowing tent camping for our festival weekend. Contact St. John's RV Park to reserve your camping space for everything from Class A RV to the smallest tent...the campground is right at the end of the parking lots.


Perhaps the best part of the new venue is the having the space to create our Pirate Ports of Call/Regional Marketplaces...each cluster of vendors is planned to find ways to elicit the feelings of the FAR EAST, the CARIBBEAN, the BRITISH ISLES, and NEW ORLEANS. Each area will have it's own unique bar and entertainment. Each area will have unique FOOD TRUCKS serving famous dishes from those geographic places. Each area will have select vendors who sell goods reminiscent of those far off locales.