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Hours of Operation

Friday Nov. 4th  Gates Open 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Saturday Nov 5th  Gates Open 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Sunday Nov 6th Gates Open 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


*Note: Friday and Saturday the bars will stay open past 10:00 PM.

Bigger! Better! Badder! Bolder!

Avast me hearties...it’s time again for the Pirate World to GATHER...to chart a course to the oldest continuously occupied settlement in North America...for the 9th Annual St. Augustine Pirate Gathering.

...And the skuttlebutt is right, the times they are a’ changin!


The St. Augustine Pirate Gathering has grown so much that we have relocated to a larger facility to accommodate everything we have to offer.

Blackbeard has stepped out of history and offered us a remote, private hideaway grotto, affectionately dubbed Blackbeard’s Refuge! It be located at the crossroads of the modern “shipping lanes” that we know as Interstate 95 and State Road 207 (Exit 311) in St. Augustine, tucked away behind the St. Augustine Marketplace. We have 40+ Acres of piratical shenanigans surrounded by lots of trees, and less restrictive rules!

Gathering General

We have plenty o’ accommodations. There are over 20 hotels within a 7-mile radius. Many of these hotels will require you to part with less gold for their services. There is also mundane camping and an RV park within walking distance of Blackbeard’s Refuge.

Canvas Cove is the largest overnight period encampment we have ever had! It is bigger than a football field and set off from the main field providing a more immersive remote experience.


Buccaneer Bash is returning this year in grand fashion! So don yer finest garb and yer richest adornments, and join us in the year's most piratically splendid event! Rub elbows and break bread with Pirate Legends from all over the Pirate Nation and the World Wide Pirate Community. Music will be provided by the infamous RUSTY CUTLASS BAND, who are well known for their special squeezebox shenanigans. FOOD, DRINK and DANCE that will satisfy the most sea-weary sailor.

We have a children’s area so large that the little powder monkeys may not be able to actually DO everything in one day. But it is not only BIGGER, it is BETTER than ever. It will include zip lines, pony rides, petting zoo, ferris wheel, climbing wall, bungee jumping...AND we offer a $5 wristband for unlimited INFLATABLE RIDES...a GREAT way to make sure the kids get their fill of the FUN.


Better FOOD. Don't miss the Buccaneer Barbecue. Historically...There were shipwrecked sailors, runaways and men who escaped from Spanish prisons that subsisted solely on hunting cattle, pigs and dogs that had turned wild and were available for the taking. There were very few women or children in these groups, and the men lived wildly. Their only possessions were the cloth on their backs and what they could carry...knives, cutlass and rifles. The animals they killed were smoked to preserve the meat (no refrigeration) according to a method they learned from the natives. Strips of meat were placed on a rack made of branches and slowly smoked over hot embers of charcoal. The natives referred to the smoked meat, as "Buccan". The European hunters called the process "Buccaneering", and called themselves "Buccaneers!" Modern Barbecue methods may have evolved, but your taste buds will be thanking ye for trying the amazing Barbecue’d meats and other foods available throughout the weekend.

EASY On-site parking! HUGE Lots to accommodate anyone who is interested in joining the FUN. Instead of cruising around and around the downtown hunting for a space or circling the parking garage waiting for someone else to leave early...The St. Augustine Marketplace will provide plenty of room to park your Schooner, Galleon, or Prius at a modest docking fee of $10 per vehicle that is more reasonable than it has been in the past.


Live Steel! The Brotherhood of Steel will be invading FLORIDA and setting up camp inside of Canvas Cove...but they will also be demonstrating combat arts on many levels. ThSwordfightingeir members train for YEARS before being allowed to fight in front of the public. You will see live un-choreographed swordfights, Black Powder Battles and Demonstrations as you have never seen them before!


Pirate Ports and Regional Marketplaces. You will be able to travel to representations of the British Isles, the Far East, the Caribbean, and New Orleans all from the heart of Blackbeard’s Refuge. Each port will bring unique food, vendors, and entertainment symbolic of those geographic locations.

Four distinctly different bars serving Beer, Wine, Mead, and Mixed Drinks...Yes, we have FULL Liquor Bars with plenty of RUM, Vodka, Whiskey and several specialty drinks.

Three stages of entertainment...Although you may see random acts of Pirate Fun taking place almost anywhere on the grounds. Musicians in the employ of historic Pirate Crews were treated well, and highly valued for lifting the mood of everyone within earshot.


At Blackbeard’s Refuge, the celebration doesn’t end when the sun goes down!

We’ll be lighting the fire pits, lifting the tankards and joining in song. Whenever pirates get together, there are always some cannon and musket volleys....when they happen after DARK, they can be truly breathtaking.

We plan an on-site, after dark Pub Crawl on Saturday night that will allow everyone to mingle and meander with those who have gathered from far and wide.

After dark (around 8:00 PM), pirates become a bit more spirited. You may want to take the lads and lasses home, and come back out to dance a gig or hoist a tankard with all of us. However, you don’t have to dress like a pirate to enjoy our company. There will be plenty of music, jokes, fun and general camaraderie to help EVERYONE believe that it’s GOOD to be a Pirate.