Canvas Cove

Canvas Cove is a living history of the life and times of earliest to the 19th century pirates and buccaneers, one can walk back in time.

No electricity! No running water! Just lanterns, fire pits, and tents, and by the way, no showers!


To sign up to stay at Canvas Cove, click here to register!


Set up starts on Thursday November 3rd 2016 at 10:00 AM. Final set up is on Friday November 4th 2016 at 8:00 AM and all set up has to be completed by 1:00 PM.  Vehicles are allowed on the field for drop off only.

No vehicle parking allowed on the event field during the open hours of the event.

(Safety reasons)

  • There are bathroom facilities and water on the event field.
  • Fire braziers in the reenactment area are allowed.  
  • Please No un-contained open fires.
  • Pets are DISCOURAGED due to the black powder environment. If you must bring a service dog, be prepared to share all registered paperwork and documentation of shots.
  • There will be food vendors on the event field.
  • All children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by either a legal guardian or parents.
  • All fees for Canvas Cove and the event are non refundable.
  • The above stated fees do not allow admission to any other sub events within the event, or the Buccaneer Bash.
  • All Canvas Cove registration must be done online no later than OCTOBER 20, 2016
  • All Canvas Cove reenactors can only use a contained fire brazier, and must have a working fire extinguisher with them.
  • The Pirate Gathering will not provide any wood for burning.  There will however be some wood available but limited, recommend you bring your own.
  • All Canvas Cove reenactors are responsible for keeping their respective areas clean, and organized for the general public viewing.
  • All Canvas Cove reenactors must stay in period dress throughout the three days of open to the public times.
  • Should any person (s) need to leave Canvas Cove for any length of time, their tent must be secured and area cleaned.


CampiPeriod Campingng Fees

  • Camping Fees will be $15.00 per night Friday and Saturday totaling $30.00 per tent.  In the Canvas Cove Island living history experience.
  • This includes 1 bag of ice per day, bottled water, Friday and Saturday
  • This includes admission to the event, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
  • There is a limit as to only 4 persons over the age of 12 years per tent.
  • To avoid admission fees the members participating in the Canvas Cove demonstration, can volunteer to assist with the operations of the event. For Example, man the front gate, assist with setups and breakdowns of the event, assist with supplying the bar, etc.
  • This requirement is for 4 hours of volunteer time per tent per day.
  • Parking is free for one vehicle per registered encampment tent.


  • The only vending allowed at Canvas Cove Island is “Blanket Vending”, no direct vending will be allowed either inside or outside of a tent as a vending booth in the Canvas Cove area.

Break Down

  • Break down: Breakdown of the event starts on Sunday November 6th 2016 at 4:00PM and all items must be off the event field by 4:00 pm Tuesday November 8th 2016.
  • Should any member of the Canvas Cove Island reenactment area, need to be break down prior to closing, it will be the responsibility of the reenactor(s) to remove all gear without vehicle access to the event field.

Black Powder

ACP will be providing black powder for all of the reenactors qualified to use Black powder.  There will be a series of battles as well as demonstrations throughout the event including a special  black powder firing volley after dark for photo ops.Treasure