Get Involved


We rely on the help of volunteers to allow us to provide the most money we can to the charities we support.

Would you like to volunteer? Do you need community service credit for school or your organization?

By volunteering just a little bit of your time, we can provide an amazing event which can provide a lot of support to local causes.

Click here to contact our Volunteer Coordinator.


All donations will be distributed to the various charities supporting Hurricane Matthew relief in NE Florida.

We provide multiple items to thank you for your kind donation.

Participate in the encampment called "Canvas Cove"

Join us in Canvas Cove. It has returned bigger and better than ever! It is an overnight camping facility, that adheres to the time period from the 17th-19th Centuries. You must adhere to this time period to camp on the field...and if you are willing to volunteer, there is a way to get your weekend accommodations for free. Click here for details.

Canvas Cove

Canvas Cove is larger than a football field and will be set off from the rest of the festival to allow everyone to immerse themselves and step back in time.

Black Powder Demonstrations

We plan to hold black powder volleys several times per day in addition to pistol battles and other black powder demonstrations. Safety is a key issue, and the more participants who have gone through safety certifications, the better. If you are interested in participating in our Black Powder demonstrations, click here.