Why did we move from downtown St Augustine?

While downtown St Augustine offered many wonderful opportunities, we simply outgrew the capabilities of Francis Field and the downtown area. Many of the city ordinances had stopped us from doing the period encampments and limiting our black powder demonstrations. This interfered with our ability to provide the educational and historical experience that we want to include.
Community Family Festival
Community Family Festival
The new location allows us to bring back Canvas Cove, our period encampment. It will once again be an overnight encampment and is larger than a football field. This also allowed us to increase our children’s area to offer zip-lines, pony rides, petting zoo, inflatables and much more.
It also allows us to go well into the evening with night-time black powder volleys, singing around the fire pits, and other nighttime activities. One of the great things about the gathering is that it is family friendly. But with the evening hours, it allows us to set some time aside for the adults. After 8:00 PM, the entertainment will shift to focus more on the grown-ups, including a Saturday Night Pub Crawl on the field. Each Pirate Port of Call will have its own pub that will represent the region in which it is located. The Pub Crawl will visit each pub, experiencing what each region has to offer.
So while there are great things to do downtown, those things are available year-round. The diverse experiences on the event field, will only be available this weekend.