The Smell of Smokin' Meats..

During the first week of November, local pirates and those from far distant lands converge onSmoked Pork Belly the Oldest City in North America for a long weekend where the sounds of music, sea shanties and merriment fill the air along with the enchanting aromas of roasting meats in the tradition of the old Boucan'ers of the Caribbean and Florida coasts who are credited with the creation of one of North America's favorite meals...Barbecue.

Original Buccaneers

Historically...There were shipwrecked sailors, runaways and men who escaped from Spanish prisons that subsisted solely on hunting cattle, pigs and dogs that had turned wild and were available for the taking. There were very few women or children in these groups, and the Pulled Porkmen lived wildly. Their only possessions were the cloth on their backs and what they could carry...knives, cutlass and rifles. The animals they killed were smoked to preserve the meat (no refrigeration) according to a method they learned from the natives. Strips of meat were placed on a rack made of branches and slowly smoked over hot embers of charcoal. The natives referred to the smoked meat, as "Buccan". The European hunters called the process "Buccaneering", and called themselves "Buccaneers!"

Our Buccaneer Barbecue

Modern Barbecue methods may have evolved, but your taste buds will be thanking ye for trying the amazing Barbecue’d meats and other foods available throughout the weekend. Don't miss the Buccaneer Barbecue. 

Pirates LOVE Tailgater Toby's BBQSmoked Turkey Legs with Grilled CornFresh Sliced and still steaming fresh off the fire.