After Dark

At Blackbeard’s Refuge, the celebration doesn’t end when the sun goes down!

We’ll be lighting the fire pits, lifting the tankards and joining in song. These guys are fantastic. Whenever pirates get together, there are cannon and musket volleys....when they happen after DARK, they can be truly breathtaking.

Lantern Night begins Friday night at 8:30 pm in the BIG TENT at the end of the Pirate Ports and lasts until the Pirate Port PUBS close in the wee hours of the morning...Of Course EACH of the PUBS within the Pirate Ports will have entertainment fitting the theme of either New Orleans, The British Isles, The Far East or The Islands of the Caribean.

We plan an on-site, After Dark Pub Crawl on Saturday night that will allow everyone to mingle and meander with those who have gathered from far and wide. Together we will wander from PUB to PUB taking in the entertainment of each Pirate Port.

The Bluesman

Sunnyland Steve Burchfield is a true "Bluesman"...he plays classics and he plays from the heart. His Originals are Comfort Music for the soul and his talent on all kinds of string instruments is the envy of many throughout the south.

An evening with the Blues...up close and really personal...with a musical storyteller extraordinaire by firelight lifts this experience to a truly different place. DON'T miss Steve's "shows" the pubs and around the fire circles...on both Friday and Saturday night.


Drum Circles

At its heart, a drum circle is any group of people playing hand-drums, together, in a circle. People bring their own instruments or use ones provided at the gathering. They play the finest djembe, cheap bongos or homemade percussion like coffee cans with pebbles inside or food buckets turned upside down. The key word is "together," because drum circles are communities of like-minded people sharing rhythm and playing together. People drum in circles to reduce stress, build community and have fun. It's one of the few group activities that engages the mind, body and spirit.
Drum circles are the oldest form of community-building known to the world. They were around long before Jesus Christ (4,000 years before Jesus, in fact). Back then, in the Neolithic Age, tribes depended on each member doing his part for the betterment of all. So naturally, that concept extended to their music-making and entertainment. Drum circles are the same deal; the music is created by everyone contributing to the whole. Everyone in the community can join in and not only make music but commune with one another without inhibition and with their own self-expression.

Attention Parents

Although the St. Augustine Pirate Gathering strives to be a Family Friendly environment during the daytime...After Dark (around 7:00 PM), pirates become a bit more spirited. Just like a movie theater rating system...not all movies are suitable for young children without parental guidance. You may want to take the lads and lasses home, and come back out to dance a gig or hoist a tankard with all of us. Although no indecent behavior will be tolerated, it may not be entirely appropriate for children. We invite the public to partake with pirates in our After Dark PUB Activities just like they would visit a bar or nightclub in town. There will be plenty of music, jokes, fun and general camaraderie to help EVERYONE believe that it’s GOOD to be a Pirate.